Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's Not Plagarism if You Link to It

I'm back up and running, and what better way to return to the world of blogging than with a recap of stuff other people have written?

Drew Tate has signed with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders of the CFL. He has also taken the worst picture in the history of online press guide pictures. Tate joins fellow former Hawkeyes Freddy Russell and Khalil Hill in Saskatchewan. I always knew I would eventually be forced to prefer a team to the Vikings. I never would have thought it would be a team located in a city north of Minnesota.

For the first time ever, Iowa State is underrated. Sports Illustrated has ranked Lames #8 in their list of worst uniforms in college football. For the record, they rank the wicked awesome 'Cuse uniforms #4. Such a travesty just might force me to cancel my subscription to SI until the next time I'm offered free issues at Best Buy.

Cedar Rapids native and Big Blue wideout Adrian Arrington was kicked off the team. Except that, no, he wasn't. But he now has calves of steel.

Yost finally made it into Penthouse. And not for the reason you think. (Completely safe for work, by the way).

Anyone remember how Bill Clinton allegedly stole furniture on his way out of the White House? Well, Steve Alford tried to do the same on his way out of Iowa City. Only, instead of furniture, Steve took email accounts. And cars. And trips to the Final Four. By the way, The Hairgel is temporarily leaving us; Godspeed, OPS.

Also, if you have $1.7 million burning a hole in your pocket, you can own the Golden Boy's house.

Oh, and Ana Ivanovic is very attractive.

Finally, there has been a slight change in plans. I'm still starting my baseball blog, but the name has been changed. So come on over and read about the national pastime at Bat Boy Bobby Savoy (


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