Monday, June 25, 2007

It's About That Time

My boss had a luncheon a couple of weeks ago where he met Miss Iowa Diana Reed. Of course, Hawkeye fans know her as Hawkeye Golden Girl Diana Reed, but the mere mention of her name sent a chill down my spine, and it was then I realized we are a mere 10 weeks from football season.

Of course, that means we'll be truly firing up Hawkeye State soon. Through the month of July, we will be previewing each Big Ten squad, complete with a look at each team from a blogger who follows them. Throughout August, we'll be chronicling college football in particular, with a big, huge Iowa football spectacular at some point. By the time it's all over, it will be time for kickoff...

You may have also noticed the Big Ten blogroll has grown faster than Barry Bonds' head. I recommend all of these sites for your summer football fix. A number of these guys will be contributing to the previews.


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