Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Yeah, He's Nothing Like the Old Boss

So, Iowa hoops fan, we have our guy. So what, pray tell, can we expect from The Lighter?

DAMN IT! Everyone has already written this column today! Damn me and my stinking profession! So, just read these summaries of what to expect:
The consensus: July-in-Iowa stifling defense, coupled with insanely efficient (read: turnover-free, high points-per-possession) offense run by a never-ending line of long-range bombers. Remains to be seen if The Lighter will attempt to recruit more size, now that he can, and thereby improve those rebounding numbers. Also remains to be seen how The Lighter's vision of turnover-free hoops will work with The Living, Breathing Embodiment of a Turnover We Know as Tony Freeman.

Instead, let's discuss this Bill Simmons-inspired, Chicken Little, "Big Ten sucks at basketball" bullshit...DAMN IT! On his way out the door, Big Ten Wonk beat me to that one, too. Two things here:
  • Why is it that, at the end of every season, I (or someone similarly inclined who beats me to the punch) has to come out here and debunk these myths about Big Ten postseason play? Perhaps you all recall the Destruction of a Stupid Statement post from January, with regards to Big Ten bowl games? Now we need it again for basketball? Can't we all just agree it's an idiot-ass way of measuring conferences and that the people who trot it out every year are uninformed morons? It seems especially true this time, when the main antagonist is a self-aggrandizing, smug, obnoxious NBA fan who admits to disliking college hoops and only examines college players with an eye on who can best not care about an 82-game season next year. And yes, Bill, I'm looking directly at you (and J-Bug, if he's in the room). Since nobody can get in a word edgewise in your mailbags without you turning their argument into a stick man before returning to Durant-worship, we'll throw stones from our poorly-read blogs, instead.
  • Props to Big Ten Wonk for biting the hand that feeds him with this one, too. "The Big Ten is Better Than People Who Link To Me Say It Is" might win title of the year.
One last thanks to Big Ten Wonk, who is shutting his doors so that he may examine college basketball as a whole next year. It's good for everyone else, to be sure, but without his well-informed opinions and amazing statistical analysis, our arguments will sound like...well, like that last one above. Good luck and Godspeed, Wonk.


DoubleB said...

Since the tournament expanded in 1975, the Big Ten has sent 9 of its 11 teams to the Final Four with 22 appearances overall and no one individual team making more than five appearances (MSU). I think Simmons has a point about the league THIS year (the Big 10 tournament was virtually unwatchable) but the league has been very competitive on a national level and incredibly balanced over the past 30 years.

These things are very cyclical in both football and basketball. The Big Ten had a down year in both sports this year. The ACC has been down in hoops the last two years. Next year we'll hear about SEC hoops being down and maybe football (taking UF and LSU out of the equation, were you impressed by any other SEC bowl team? Kentucky maybe). It is what it is.

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