Monday, April 23, 2007

"I'm Off the Wagon And I'm Hitchin' a Ride"

Welcome to add/drop week in the University of Iowa athletic department. And, gentlemen, this one's gonna hurt.

From KCRG:
Iowa's best returing player will not be returning.

Freshman Tyler Smith has asked to be released from this scholarship, and coach Todd Lickliter has granted that release. Lickliter said that Smith expressed a desire to be nearer his father in Tennessee. As a freshman, Tyler Smith led the Hawks in rebounding (4.9) and steals (45) and he was second in scoring (14.9) and assists (111). Smith was a member of the Big Ten all freshman team.
I'm going to save the discussion of the fallout for the inevitable Iowa Year in Review post this week, but I don't know how we possibly recover from this. Between Haluska's graduation and Smith's transfer, we're losing 35.4 ppg and 9.5 rpg from a team that couldn't score or rebound. Also, word of Smith's departure and Henderson's graduation immediately sent retail shoplifting security stocks plummeting.

Obviously, more on this story as it unfolds, but we had better prepare ourselves for a basketball team relying far too much on the scoring prowess of Seth Gorney.


Anonymous said...

Like a Phenix from the ashes, Seth Gorney will rise to be the next J.R. Koch. 23 wins in '07-'08. I'm sorry, I just blacked out... what happened?

Anonymous said...

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