Monday, March 19, 2007

Who Wants to Fire El Capitan?

Long-time readers may remember this: Back in September, we found the University had purchased the rights to ("The Real-Life Gil Thorp," 9/25/06). Well, that's not the only domain name the University owns. Via The Wizard of Odds:

Last month, the University of Iowa Athletic Department purchased the domain, which was previously owned by, a site that sells fireyourcoach domain names.

Ferentz, the Iowa coach, is the highest-paid employee in the state with an annual salary of $2.7 million. His teams won 31 games during a three-year span from 2002-2004, but his past two squads have struggled to 7-5 and 6-7 records. now redirects you to, the main site of Iowa athletics.

Redshirted is reportedly operated by a technology worker in Austin and last August had fireyourcoach domain rights to 27 coaches. That list has dwindled to 20 and the site lists as one of nine domains sold.

To the best of our knowledge, Iowa is the first athletic department to take the proactive move of purchasing domains that could be used to criticize athletic department officials. Iowa also has rights to, the women's basketball coach, and FireGaryBarta, the athletic director. Those two URLs also redirect you to

Up to this point, such purchases have been made by fans, the most notable coming in 2002 when a Florida fan purchased shortly after he was named Gator coach.
Notably absent? Because Tom Brands rules.

I'll be back tonight or tomorrow with a review of our Big Ten preview.


GophahHatah said...

A review of a preview? Uh, thanks in advance. I'm looking backward to it?

Irish Hawk said...

How much do these go for?? B/c we could register
or another variation of bad coaches and make a killing.

Anonymous said...

I think the DSM Reg. said $100 per domain w/ annual cost of $25 or so... Agreed, it would definitely by Roket Cyence to come up with an alternative domain... EDK