Tuesday, March 27, 2007

One Down...

Barta talked to Bruce Pearl. He's not interested.

One big name down. The Hairgel is still considering Majerus, but I don't see it happening. Are there any other big names being considered, or is this now Altman's job? Huggy Bear is a non-starter, given the current administration's NFLPA-like performance in getting rolled by the faculty. Does Barta attempt to throw more than $2M at Crean/Stallings/the like? Would that even be enough? And doesn't that leave us with another Alford-like monster, looking for a better job every offseason?

Lon Kruger, maybe the biggest name left out there, moves to 4 to 1.

The head coach at Northwestern State has applied for the Iowa job. 30,000 Iowa fans just started screaming.

The speculation has Billy Donovan going to UK. That means Izzo stays put, and the dominoes that may have been set in motion by Izzo to UK don't fall.

Update later this afternoon.

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