Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's Not Plagarism If You Link To It...

Stuff other people have written that you should read:

ESPN ombudsman George Solomon, who I kinda sorta attacked as a sycophant last month, is calling it quits. His greatest hits have been compiled at Hurricanes are for Drinking (which I haven't read until Deadspin linked to it this afternoon, and I've gotta say it's not too bad).

Complete Sports blatantly steals my idea for the rest of the week. Bastards.

Via Deadspin, Ron Zook can't read a schedule

The Every Day Should Be Saturday run-down of ESPN: The Weekend is about as funny as it gets.

And this is almost a year old, but it's probably my favorite article of all time. The guys over at the M Zone took the time to publish the M Zone Wonderlic test. It was then stolen, word-for-word, by Colin Cowherd from ESPN Radio. I hate that guy, not only because he sucks at life but also because he took Kornheiser's radio spot. Now, with the return of Old Guy Radio on washingtonpost.com (with podcasts available on iTunes), seems to be a good time to resurrect this bit of humor.


twins15 said...

Thanks for the link, and apologies for stealing your ideas! :D

Irish Hawk said...

I think Illinois beats Indiana in the 2nd round. Two reasons, defense and DJ White always always chokes in big games.