Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dana Altman Had Better Be on Speed Dial

Do Lobos have horns?

Golden Boy is off to the great Southwest, like Don Quixote without the windmills. And this isn't idle chatter; it's coming from semi-legitimate news outlets like WHO Des Moines (did you know they used to employ Ronald Reagan?) and KXIC Iowa City.

Obviously, this moves Domaingate off the front page, and there are plenty of questions. But I, like most Iowa fans, will not shed a tear over the loss, especially if Dana Altman gets the job. He's the obvious choice (actually, he was the obvious choice 8 years ago), because he would reinvigorate in-state recruiting.

Just look at this list of Iowa basketball players who didn't play for Iowa during the Alford tenure (just off the top of my head):
  • Kirk Hinrich (Rock Chalk)
  • Nick Collison (Jayhawk)
  • Kyle Korver (lifelong Hawkeye ignored by Alford; Creighton)
  • Nate Funk (Creighton)
  • Brian Bohannon (whose dad played for Iowa; Wisky)
  • Grant Stout (UNI; in Steve's defense, might not be any better than our current guys)
And I doubt that's it. Now, the big questions:
  • Why the hell did this happen? It's a pretty obvious step down, after all.
  • Who else is in play for the job? The Lon Kruger rumor is absurd.
  • Who leaves? The only obvious question may be Tyler Smith (who would dominate in Altman's high post set, by the way)
  • Do the recruits stay? I'm guessing the annual contingent of mediocre Indianans (I made that word up) may back out, but the big question is the much-hyped class of 2008.
In any case, it's finally a brave new world in Carver-Hawkeye. And probably not a moment too soon.

By the way, Tom Davis retired today, as well. It seems particularly fitting now. Godspeed, Good Doctor.

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Anonymous said...

It's Jason Bohannon who went to Wisconsin... not Brian Bohannon!!!