Monday, February 26, 2007

Just When I Thought I Was Out...

Well, you have to hand it to the Hawkeyes. They get a MONSTER win over Purdue (a win that moved their RPI up by about 10 spots, as well), and they now have a legitimate chance to finish 10-6 in the conference and grab a #3 seed - yes, you read that right - in the Big Ten tournament. I know the RPI is low (it's in the 70's, as far as anyone can tell), but they've certainly sprinted to the finish.

The Hawks finish at Penn State and in Carver aginst ILLINI, and both are completely winnable. If they win both, and a couple of other things fall their way, they would finish third in the conference, ahead of MSU and IU, both of which should be in the tournament. They would likely face a mid-level opponent in the first round (maybe a rematch with Purdue), and would get a shot at Wisky with a win. Given the top-heaviness of the Big Ten (had she not died, there would certainly be an Anna Nicole Smith joke here), I think a run to the tournament final may be enough to get them in. Maybe. Possibly.

The only thing I know? I found myself watching Iowa Basketball with Steve Alford last night, and it wasn't because I lost a bet.

I'm leaving this morning for Chicago so I can take the Illinois bar exam. As a result, I probably won't be posting too much this week.

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