Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Incompetence Runs Rampant

The people finally had enough.

After years of incompetence bringing nothing but death and destruction, our national nightmare is over.

He came to his office with the perfect pedigree. He had the requisite experience and the right temperment for a very difficult job.

Early on, things were looking up. He got a big win in 2001 and his supporters, and even some of his opponents, were firmly behind him. But that goodwill soon dissapated as mistakes racked up. The words started as back-alley whispers and slowly grew into a shout: Over his head. The wrong man for the job. Incompetent.

And so, today, he walked into his boss' office, his reputation in tatters. And his boss issued the ultimatum to end all ultimatums: "Resign or you'll be fired." And he was a good soldier. He walked out to the cameras and the reporters. He praised his boss. He praised the job. And, as nobly as possible, he resigned his post and rode off into the sunset, that shredded reputation in a briefcase with his stapler, probably never to be seen again.

What, you thought I was talking about Rumsfeld?

So long, Danny Boy. You'll be missed.

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Kevin said...

I have already heard discussion of McCarney to replace Parker as D Coordinator if Parker retires. Thoughts? I don't know what to think of it.