Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I Think We All Know What the "L" Stands For

John L. Smith got hit...with a pink slip. Yes, the only man capable of blowing an 18-point lead to Notre Dame and overcoming a 35-point deficit against Northwestern in the same season is gone (or at least will be gone at the end of the season). Unfortunately, I had October 29 in my John L. Smith Firing Pool.

The best part of this announcement? Tough to tell. It's either the hilarious rantings of the small-but-vocal contingent of MSU fans trying to defend the Big L (saying he was initially successful and didn't gel with this team, forgetting that his first team were Bobbby J's recruits and this team is completely his and his alone) or the fact that the MSU administration is adamant that Johnny will stay on through the Spartans' bowl game (ha!) However, the worst part of this, unquestionably, is that we don't get to see him at Kinnick every other season.

Of course, this would normally be grounds for showing the infamous self-slapping again, but the fascists at YouTube have removed the video. So, instead, we'll show the equally funny John L. meltdown at halftime of the 2005 MSU-tOSU game:

You'll be missed, Mr. L. Smith. Good luck and Godspeed.

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Irish Hawk said...

Another funny thing is that he left Louisville because he didn't think they could ever become a big time football team. Good call with that one. I bet when he left he never dreamed MSU would lose to Illinois at home and Louisville would beat Miami all in the same year.