Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What's that Papi Guy's Name Again?

M. V. P.

Five for five. Homer. 2 doubles. It's already been voted on, but if you needed any more proof, Derek Jeter is the MVP. Period. I grew up in a Twins house, and I like Morneau and Mauer, but that man above is the most valuable player in baseball this year. Period. Oh, and the Yankees beat the Tigers 8-4 in Game 1 of the ALDS. The Cards and A's also won today.

On the YES postgame report, they just played a Cingular commercial where they said their phones only play the best music "like the new video from Young Jock (?)" I immediately called to cancel my Cingular phone.

Speaking of which, today was the best new music release day in quite some time. I'll keep updating throughout the week when I hear new stuff, but here's the first couple of new albums:

The Hold Steady - "Boys and Girls in America" - So, if you wanted to make an album I would love, you would combine these things: Nasty classic guitar riffs, smartass lyrics, a song about horse racing, and a reference to Kerouac's On the Road in the title and first song. Mission accomplished, Hold Steady. Their previous release, "Separation Sunday," was my favorite album of last year; I told everyone who would listen that SS was what would have happened if Bruce Springsteen had completed "The Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle," fired the E Street Band, hired Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble, and made a concept album about a Catholic girl who was born again, died, and was more than likely resurrected. This one isn't quite as good, but it's much more structured and accessible. If you can deal with Craig Finn's voice (an acquired taste; much more shout than song, also much like early Springsteen), this is great stuff. I give it 8.5 tigerhawks.

Beck - "The Information" - I haven't truly enjoyed a Beck album since "Midnite Vultures." Of course, when you write songs as bizarre and brilliant as "Sexx Laws," "Hollywood Freaks," and the immortal "Debra," you can't just go back to the well. "Sea Change" was beautiful in spots but a little too depressing overall. "Guero" felt like a watered-down version of "Odelay." I would like to note that I have only made it through this album once, and it was in my office while I was writing a brief, but it feels like Beck might be back. I am going to withhold judgment until I can get a full-fledged listen, but it's tentatively getting 7 tigerhawks.

Hopefully, I'll soon be able to get to the Decemberists and some of the other new stuff I've heard over the last couple of weeks. In the meantime, The Yankees Win! Theeeeeee YANKEES WIN!!!

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