Thursday, October 05, 2006

Notes and Erratia

So, I've been a little bit AWOL this week, but I figured this is the best time to clear up a few things before this weekend. In no particular order:

The Yankees lost 4-3 on a Curtis Granderson RBI triple. Hey, the Tigers are pretty damn good, and it's not surprising that they win when Verlander is on the mound. I still think the Yankees take this in four. And for all those MVP voters out there, this shouldn't change a thing. (Also, what the hell are you doing reading this blog? You're an MVP voter, for chrissake. You've gotta make that REAL!)

Sure, he may be Grand(erson), but he's no M.V.P.

Can anyone tell me why ESPN runs their updates at :18 and :58? Shouldn't they be evenly spaced? Would moving the :18 to :28 or placing a third update at :38 put too much of a strain on the system?

Other recently released music recording reviews (I can't think of another word that starts in "R" ):

The Decemberists - "The Crane Wife" - I have never been as big on this band as other people. I think it's mostly due to the fact that I don't like Melville novels or high school productions based on Melville novels. That said, "Sixteen Military Wives" (from their last album, Picaresque) is a great tune and the best video made in quite some time:

So, in all honesty, I was looking forward to this album only for the possible sequel to that video. Well, ladies and gentelemen, it is an absolute masterpiece, far more entertaining than Picaresque and absolutely stunning musically. Part of it is surely big-label production (the band made the jump to Capitol Records this time; their previous albums were on Kill Rock Stars), but most of it is due to the band's move away from Arcade Fire-like chamber pop. This is a more consistent album, and it's better for it. It runs out of steam ever-so-slightly at the end, and for that it gets 8 tigerhawks.

The Killers - "Sam's Town" - Did you know that "Mr. Brigtside" was the first song The Killers ever wrote? Did you know that "Jenny Was a Friend of Mine" was second? Did you know they haven't made a half-decent song since?

In business school, we talked about firms identifying their core area of expertise and sticking to those areas. Companies that don't do that generally struggle. Well, The Killers' area of expertise was making mediocre, 80s-tinged music and wearing mascara. They've pretty much ditched both of those now, and it's not for the better. There are a couple of bearable songs here, but even that's a stretch. Do yourself a favor and listen to The Hold Steady. Or Born to Run. Or nails on a chalkboard. Two tigerhawks.

One more thing: Deadspin has set up an impromptu fund for soldiers in the platoon of Sgt. Adam Knox, the OSU fan killed in Iraq a couple of weeks ago. They're going to put together some things to send to the troops in one package, rather than a whole bunch of individual things. I'm making a donation, and wanted to notify everyone else. Also, if you want to help out one of your own, the Paradise I-Club in Florida sent packages in the past, so you may want to contact them, or set something up with your local club or just your friends.

Irish hawk asked for it, and you're all gonna get it. Analysis of the internet gambling act, and a rundown of the people behind it, after dinner and a bottle of wine.

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