Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hoosier Daddy

Well, that was pathetic.

I could deal with the OSU loss because they were simply better. Iowa didn't play particularly well in that game, but it wouldn't have mattered. That can't be said today.

Adam Shada has the back of James Hardy's jersey memorized (let's face it, even Tim Dodge was a better cover corner). Andy Brodell once again showed that you apparently don't need a pair of human hands to be a wide receiver and punt returner (I think he has hooves, like a horse or an ISU sorority girl), but you do need hands to actually be effective in those positions. Damien Sims played well enough, but the fumble in the third quarter was killer.

Norm Parker's defensive playbook is written on a cocktail napkin

So let's discuss this defense. I know they're banged up. I know losing Mitch King hurts. But everyone knows you blitz a freshman quarterback, especially one who has been starting for exactly two weeks. Iowa blitzed maybe four times in that game, and was generally successful in doing so. Of course, they won't do it more than that, though I don't think anyone knows why. Parker's playbook (which I'm almost certain is only one page long) worked when he had speed and talent and experience on defense. He doesn't really have that now, though. He has Adam Shada. So he has to adjust. He has to put pressure on the other team, because the front four can't get it done (especially not without Mitch King). And if he's incapable of putting together a defensive game plan that can do that, he has to go.

Everyone has had a sneaking suspicion that this team isn't any good. We thought we had proof of a little amount of talent after Purdue, but I think we can be pretty sure now that this team isn't going to get it done. Drew Tate is only as good as his receivers. That means Drew Tate is pretty damn bad, because Herb Grigsby and Andy Brodell couldn't catch a cold. You can't return punts if your punt returner is unwilling to touch the football. You can't take chances insode the 30 if your kicker has suddenly forgotten how to kick. And you sure as hell can't win football games when you run a playbook you found on Tecmo Bowl. It's time for some changes, and the culprits are easily identified.

So congrats to the 12 Indiana football fans in attendance today. It was a big win. As for Iowa, this season is precariously close to the edge. The fall into oblivion is next. And Big Blue is all that stands in the way.

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Donny said...

Nice blast from the past by mentioning Iowa's former stellar defensive back Tim Dodge. I wanted to run that guy over back in the day. Da Bears!