Friday, October 27, 2006

"Gonna Get in the Hot Tub!"

OK, I know I have been AWOL for pretty much the entire week, but there isn't that much to write about Iowa/NIU. I don't have the energy to really get up and running tonight, either, so I'll leave you with these picks, straight from the hot tub:

  • Wisky -21 v. Chief Illiniwek
  • Big Blue/Smart Kids over 44.5
  • Hoosier Daddy +6.5 v. The Trainwreck That Is Michigan State
  • (I can't believe I'm saying this) Lames +4 @ Kansas State
  • tOSU -27.5 v. Gopher Nation
  • Boomer Sooner +1.5 @ Mizzou
  • Texans +3 @ Tennessee (One of the worst games in the history of all time, but Houton's the better team...for literally the first time in their history)
  • Saints -1.5 v. Baltimore (I will pick the Saints every week at home until someone proves that these teams aren't unintentionally throwing games at the Superdome)
  • Saints/Baltimore under 37 (Money all year on Raven Under)
  • Jets +2 @ Cleveland (Makes no sense to me)
Fernandez would like me to add Bucs +8.5 @ NYG, but I won't take the Bucs north of the Mason-Dixon line after mid-October, especially not with a quarterback named Gradkowski. But it's not a horrible bet. I also like the Rams +9.5 @ Saint Diego.

I'll be back Sunday, and I have a big, juicy topic in mind. In the meantime, Go Hawks. I leave you with this:

"Too hot in the hot tub! Hey! Rub-a-dub in the hot tub! Hoo! Too hot!"

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