Thursday, October 05, 2006

Big Ten Football Arithmetic

Take this:

"Has there ever been a worse team that talks as much smack as Illinois? They've lost 11 games in a row, and they're acting like the '89 Miami Hurricanes." - Hawkeye State, 9/23/06

Add this:

"Dez Howard just said it best on SportsCenter: John L. Smith is the only coach in America who could lose that game. This was inevitable." - Hawkeye State, 9/23/06

And you get this:


Irish Hawk said...

The Illini are for real baby. If it wasn't for the horrible 6 minutes at the end of the first half the Iowa game might have been close. They should win this Saturday too because they are playing Indiana. Zook has talent they are just really really young. More true freshman play for Illinois than any other D1 school. With a QB named Juice what isn't to like.

But the win against MSU was inevitable b/c the Spartans always self implode at some point during the season.

One more thing, I am relying on this blog to keep me informed of the gambling implications of the new legislation. I would feel better about it if Congress had addressed the issue directly. Seems chicken shit to piggyback it with port security bill.

Craig Edwards said...

I wonder if Juice's girlfriend is named Jen.