Monday, September 18, 2006

Would You Kindly Consider This Offer?

So, I think this is the first non-sports post here, but it's the season premiere of Deal or No Deal, quite possibly the most incredible show on television. It has drama propelled by great camerawork and music, money, smokin' hot women, the somewhat smartass banker (more on him later), and Howie Mandell (which means an opportunity for Bobby's World jokes). Plus, the contestants are absolute idiots. If you ever, EVER get north of $100,000, you have to take the deal. The odds turn against you as soon as you don't. And as soon as I say that, this guy turns down $130,000 and CRUSHES the board with his next four to get $249,000. Wait, he turned it down. Idiot.

Which leads us back to the banker. The wisecracks to Howie are fun enough, but the real story is "The Banker's Blog" on He just made something like 4 fat jokes about this guy, each one funnier than the next. I didn't think the Deal or No Deal experience could be topped, but it has, and in a glorious way.

UPDATE: The guy just got offered $400,000 cash. His wife is BEGGING him to take it. If he tuens this down, he's obviously a Republican.

UPDATE: He turned it down. Maybe he ate George Allen. The Banker just said "Maybe I should have sent 400,000 tacos." I'm not kidding.


Irish Hawk said...

Did you watch Studio 60 yesterday? I thought you might have since you loved West Wing. I thought the pilot was pretty decent. Of course I am a big Steven Weber fan.

HawkeyeState said...

I did watch Studio 60, because I am a Sorkin fan, a Bradley Whitford fan, an Amanda Peet fan and, yes, a Steven Weber fan. Pretty solid show. I'll be tuning in weekly.

HawkeyeState said...
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Anonymous said...
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