Saturday, September 09, 2006

So, You're Telling Me There's a Chance...

"That's not Red Grange, that's his backup E.B. Halsey"

Questions from a day of college football:

1. How bad is Illinois? They're down 30-0 to the State University of New Jersey at the half, and the Rutgers coach just said that his team isn't playing as well as they did last week. By the way, last week Rutgers beat North Carolina 21-16. That means Illinois is at least 40 points worse than the Tar Heels. Pam Ward just said "This game is in high definition, and what these fans have seen is a high-definition...good first half for Rutgers." You know she was thinking about saying it was a high-definition ass-kicking. You know it.

1a. How long has E.B. Halsey been in school? This guy makes "Grandpa" Jess Settles look like a true freshman. I guess he came back to make sure there is "A SURVIVOR AND A FIGHTER" on campus to mentor Juice Williams.

2. Michigan/Central Michigan are in a weather delay in my pick for "look-ahead game of the week" (Michigan plays the Fighting Irish next week). If this holds out, does Central Michigan +28 pay? Does the under? (By the way, my only picks today are Iowa -17 and Purdue/Miami (OH) under 53)

3. Is this going to be the worst day for the Big 10 since the St. Patrick's Day massacre in the NCAA tournament? I don't feel good about The Ohio State University at Texas. I feel even worse about JoePa going up against a Notre Dame team looking to wake up the echoes. Minnesota goes to Cal (I think they could take this one, but there is still no D in Minnesota). And Rutgers is getting ready to bury Chief Illiniwek in a pileon at the Meadowlands. Sure, Iowa, MSU, Northwestern and Michigan will win against cupcakes, and Inidana should beat Ball State, but if they lose all three marquee matchups today, including 1 vs. 2, this could be rough.

As for OSU, I'm not convinced they're that good. On the other hand, they're up against Mack Brown, whose team won a championship despite him last year. If Stoops didn't have a letdown year at Boomer Sooner, UT never would have made the Rose Bowl. Unfortunately, I think this is a lot like that UT/OU game last year. Texas' weakness, a freshman QB, is neutralized by OSU's realtive inexperience on defense. Texas' defense is athletic enough to stay with Ginn and Smith. And Ohio State's kicking is uncharacteristically putrid (0-2 FG's last week from their walk-on kicker). Texas runs the ball all night against the OSU front 7 and wins a slugfest (once again, despite Mack Brown).

4. Next week, Illinois plays Syracuse. Can we get Oregon State (who lost to Boise 42-14 earlier in the week), Vandy, and the Big 12 North to join in so that we might finally determine the worst BCS-conference program? Some sort of round robin tournament? This must happen.

That's all for now, though there may be a post during the Iowa/'Cuse game.

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