Monday, September 25, 2006

Just When I Thought You Could't Be Any Dumber...

Oh, Gary Barta. You sure have a strange way of showing your thanks. Saturday night, ESPN announced that College Gameday would be coming to Iowa City as the Hawkeyes host THE Ohio State University Buckeyes, the #1 team in the country, in a 7:00 p.m. game. It's the first time the show has been in Iowa City in ten years. Remember, when Gameday came to town for spring practice, almost 20,000 fans packed the north end of Kinnick. For a practice. FOR A PRACTICE. Needless to say, this is the biggest event to hit Iowa City since at least 1985, when the #1 Hawkeyes beat the #2 Michigan Wolverines.

Now, there are a lot of variables with Gameday on your campus: How close the crowd is permitted to get to the set, whether or not your obnoxious signage can be displayed, the clothing choices of the Herbstreit children. But there is one common thread to the choice of set location. See if you can pick it out:

Figure it out yet?

Hint: It's in the background.

Give up?

It's a football stadium! Of course! After all, where else would you put a program dedicated to all the pomp and circumstance, the pageantry, and the sheer enthusiasm surrounding the college game? Go where the fans are, right? And, good for us, the University of Iowa just spent millions of that hard-earned money, which you spent on tickets and parking passes and I-Club donations and, in my case, RENT, to build a new south end zone and outdoor pavillion, complete with a statue of Nile Kinnick himself. Where better to show off the facilities and the fans of the Iowa Hawkeyes? I can't wait until Saturday, when I can go watch the show outside the...

You are all goddamn morons.

UPDATE: The Gazette says it's all about parking spots outside Kinnick: "ESPN wants something close to Kinnick. Iowa pointed toward Hubbard Park, a nice green spot by the Iowa Memorial Union that wouldn't eat up parking spots at Kinnick."


Anonymous said...

So true. The students are all pissed. The university is afraid they'll lose money or displace some of the I-Club faithful-- heaven forbid.

Jeff said...

UPDATE: The U of I just announced that they are moving the Gameday crew to inside John's Grocery, next to the tampons.

Irish Hawk said...

God forbid we piss off the I-Club. What a stupid decision. Give the rich donors ten bucks and tell them if they want a good time go pay and park behind 707 Melrose and relive the good old days.