Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Juggernaut, Week Three

A few thoughts while watching the almost unwatchable NFL Countdown and a nearly-as-bad Newcastle-Everton game on Fox Soccer Channel:

Just how big is Michael Irvin's tie knot going to get? I think he's going to walk out next week in an ascot. Between his ever-growing tie knot, his strange egomaniacal love afair with Terrell Owens, and a speaking style that makes Shannon Sharpe sound like Benjamin Disraeli, Michael Irvin has become the most ridiculous person in the world. The man is wearing an 8-button suit today. EIGHT BUTTONS. Tom Jackson called him retarded last week and nobody batted an eye.

We talkin' bout T.O.? We need to be talkin' bout T.O.!

Here's the point. The Countdown crew just had three arguments. Ditka and Jaworski discussed whether or not Vince Young should be playing (an absurd discussion; nobody can properly grasp an NFL offense in 2 months, let alone a person who spent his last three years running an offense built by Mac Brown). Ditka's argument was "the goal is to win football games." I'm not kidding. Then, Jackson and Irvin (with a combined 13 buttons on their suits) discussed whether Jay Cutler should be playing (equally absurd, if only because Jay Cutler might be the dumbest man to ever graduate from Vanderbilt) where Irvin unsuccessfully tried to change the topic to T.O. There was a third "discussion" after that, but I was bleeding from my ears and couldn't listen. And then Berman (who is wearing the ugliest tie I have ever seen) said it was "Debate 201 on NFL Countdown). I can't take it anymore.

The picks today: Jacksonville +7, Tennessee +11, Tennessee/Miami under 35.5, Baltimore -6.5, New York G-Men +3.5, and Denver/Patriots under 38.5. More to come later. Go Vikings.

You think a man with a 'stache like this
would lose to a man named Lovie?

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