Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The First Annual Hawkeye State Photo Caption Contest

OK, I used this picture already in the post below, but there is another great caption that can go along with it that I can't simply let go by the wayside:

Look! It's my big fat Greek Cyclone!

And that got me thinking: This picture has a whole lot of Iowa State frat people on parade. Throw in some reference to Nebraska and a Hummer H2 and it would officially represent everything I despise. What I am getting at is, these can't possibly be the only two funny captions that could accompany this photo.

So send me some more. I know I have about 4 readers, but let's see what we can get. Click on the envelope icon below and enter your response in the comments section. Winner gets a free beer from me this weekend. Get creative, Hawkeye Staters!


Jeff, thats right, THE Jeff said...

Is the chick in the back with the capri's that have risen "incredible hulk" style to above her knees actually carrying a sandwich? Couldn't make it up Lame's one street without a sandwich, Classic. Capri's on UI undergrad = hot pants on ISU undergrad.

jeff, thats right, THE jeff said...

A larger Greek horse has not been spotted since the attack on Troy.

jeff, thats right THE jeff said...

Inside the wooden Greek horse: Greeks. Inside these Greek horses: Fear of the Hawks . . . and lots of sandwiches.

Irish Hawk said...

All the townfolk gathered to stare in awe and wonderment at the world's ugliest sorority.

Irish Hawk said...

As the men looked to their right they realized that not only were they incredibly drunk last night but they must have also been drunk when they decided to attend ISU. Go Hawks!