Saturday, September 09, 2006

Are You Sure it's not Charles Manson?

OK, we're nearing the end of the first half, 7-7 tie between Iowa and Syracuse. A few quick points.

  • I know that this isn't a particularly exciting matchup, but what the hell is up with the ABC crew on this game? I know it's Gary Thorne, who is a hockey guy, but you would think that he would know the difference between a fasle start and delay of game, a quarterback sneak and a handoff, and a pass and a run. You would think. Unfortunately, you would be mistaken. He's missed all three so far. And he is the best part of this crew. The color commentator (who has, for good reason, not yet been identified) might well be Gerry MacNamara. Twice the camera has completely missed a play, either following a pass that didn't exist or staying with the quarterback for a pass that did. Bravo, ABC, bravo.
  • Manson hasn't played particularly badly. I would like to see him throw a pass to a receiver, but I can't blame him for relying on Chandler. After all, we all know that Andy Brodell couldn't catch a cold. We all forget that Herb Grigsby was born without hands and is actually using surgical gloves filled with gelatin and tied to his wrists.
  • I would like to apologize for tempting fate by calling for a win two nights ago. My bad.
  • Do you think Ferentz sat on the Tate announcement to the last second so that he can do a 1-800-BETS OFF commercial? "Hello, I'm Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz. If you find yourself thinking that my team giving 17 on the road is great, then punching a hole in your wall when you find out 5 minutes before game time that Drew Tate will spend the game knitting his girlfriend a sweater, you may need to call 1-800-BETS OFF."
Earlier in the week, I wrote that the Cuse reminds me a lot of Iowa circa 1999. Keeping with that theme, this game reminds me of Iowa-Nebraska 1999. Big-time team on the road against a beaten-down BCS-conference program playing in a half-empty stadium, game-time injury call on one of its best players (in that game, it was the NU halfback - Buckhalter, maybe), sluggish first half for the favorite, finished with a late touchdown that shifted the momentum. The signs are there. The Huskers won that game at Kinnick 42-7. I don't think Iowa has the offense to get that many in the second half, but 31-10 seems about right, and just enough to cover.

Also, is it too early to make fun of Northwestern? 34-17 loss to New Hampshire. At home. Ouch. Can't wait for the ineptitute that will be NU-Illini. That's gonna be sweet.

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